• Anthology selection, “Blue-Sky Fugitive,” A Natural History of Now: reports from the edge of nature (Kelson Books, September 2013)
  • Honorable Mention, 2011 Glimmer Train Contest
  • Finalist for the 2011 Obsidian Prize in Fiction from High Desert Journal
  • Fiction story “Letters to a Prisoner”  Story of the Week in Narrative Magazine (Oct 23, 2011)
  • Fiction story “A Field Guide to Adirondack Black Flies” at (No. 27, Spring/Summer 2011)
  • Fiction story “Blue Sky Treason” in Storyscape Literary Journal (Issue 7, July 2011)
  • Ficton story “On the Way to Egypt” in Knee-Jerk Magazine (May 2011)
  • Fiction story, “Of Kites and Tractors,” Drunken Boat (Issue 14)
  • Fiction story, “Tales from a Life on Fire,” Stone Canoe (2010 Vol. 4)


  • 2 poems, in the Spring 2013 issue, Witness 
  • 3 poems, in Vol. 7/ Issue I, The Wilderness House Literary Review
  • Poem, “Sow the Windgap,” Vol. 2 Issue 1  of The Prose Poem Project
  • Poem, “On Jaguars in Arizona,”  Camas: The Nature of the West (Winter 2011) 

Creative Nonfiction
(sample list)

  • “Winter Blues and Darkness,” essay in  Adirondack Reflections (History Press, 2013)A Natural History of Now Jennifer Duffield White nature writing
  • “Dear Montana, I Thought You Should Know,” The Nervous, August 2010
  • “Riding Towards the Light on a Red Bicycle,” The Nervous, October 2009
  • “How a Girl and Her Dog Drove from NY to Montana,” The Nervous, 2009
  • “The Barefoot Summer,” The Nervous, July 2009
  • “What the Body Doesn’t Forget,” Women’s Adventure (April 2008)“The Subtle Differences Between Bear Bones and Human Feet,” The Nervous
  • “The Scandals of a Fairly Village in Maine,” The Nervous, August 2007
  • “Upon Finding One’s Self Tipsy And Verbose at a Kissing Tank, Dreaming of Dictionaries and Sastrugi,” The Nervous, January 2007
  • “The Fringe of Fear,” The Larcom Review, Summer 2000


Consumer Publications

(sample list)

  • Contributing blog writer, Montana, 2014 – present
  • How to Survive Dating an Adventure Dude” Yahoo! Travel
  • “Record Recruiting,” 2014 Dean’s Report, UM School of Business Administration
  • 2012 Financial Report, University of Montana Business Services
  • “What the Body Doesn’t Forget,” Women’s Adventure, April 2008
  • “If a Tree Falls in the Forest,” Adirondack Life, March/April 2007
  • “Athlete Profile: Nancie Battaglia” Adirondack Sports & Fitness, February 2005
  • “Mountain Voices,” Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 2, 2004
  • “Bike Trust,” Dirt Rag: The Mountain Bike Forum, 2004

Trade Publications
(sample list 2010-present)

  • GreenTalks newsletter (28,000 subscribers), emailed twice a month
  • The Modern Shopper,” Green Profit, July 2014
  • “Breeding, Bees, & Misnomers,” Green Profit, April 2014
  • “Geothermal: The Steady Heat,” GrowerTalks, March 2014
  • “Genetic Engineering,” Inside Grower, January 2014
  • “Water Conservation,” GrowerTalks, February 2014
  • Ball Corporate Sustainability Report, 2013
  • “Elemental Energy,” GrowerTalks, November 2013
  • GreenTalks, bi-monthly email newsletter on sustainability (ongoing publication)
  • “Longevity,” corporate sustainability report, Ball Horticulture, 2013
  • “From Flowers to Harvest,” Inside Grower, January 2012
  • “Making Local Food Work,” Inside Grower, January 2012
  • Chapter on sustainability, 18th Edition Ball RedBook, Ball Publishing, 2012
  • “Time to Reglaze?” GrowerTalks, June 2011
  • “What’s New,” GrowerTalks, January 2011
  • “Certifiable,” GrowerTalks, September 2010

(summary 1999-2009)

  • wrote 300-plus feature articles, GrowerTalks Magazine
  • wrote 100-plus “Letter from the Editor” columns, GrowerTalks
  • staff writer for features and news department, Seed Trade News (1999-2000)
  • contributing writer for feature articles, Green Profit
  • contributing writer for feature articles, FloraCulture International
  • Chapter 6, 17th Edition Ball RedBook Greenhouses and Equipment, Volume 1, 2003
  • Chapter 8, GrowerTalks on Structures and Equipment, Ball Publishing, 2001
  • “Cautious Hope: The Recovery of the Peregrine Falcon in the Eastern United States,” white paper for the National Wildlife Federation, 1999



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