Finding Winter

Winter here in the West has not been, by a skier's standards, the finest. But nonetheless, we've found  cold and snow, sporadically, with effort, and with great bouts of spring-time warmth in between. In a forest service cabin, on the mountainside, in the depths of Cooke City. It's been a winter of mourning for a …


Powder Days

It's easy to give in to the pattern of working life, to convince yourself you don't have time. My three jobs are  wearing me down this winter.  Friday, I nearly turned the wrong way on a one-way street. Cause: burned-out brain. I try to remind myself that being outdoors is the thing that brings relief …

Back in the Saddle

After being sidelined for two weeks with a stubborn flu virus, I finally got out today for a few laps up at Lolo. Lungs still aren't in top form, but it's not proper to complain when you have blue skies, fresh powder, and the mountains.