Trail Running Visions

It's been a good trail running summer so far. After nine months of plantar fasciitis and a glute-busting physical therapy program, I've been pain free for two weeks. Finally. Because I want to spend all the time I can, right here, on these trails:


Spring in the Valley

Spring, season of all seasons, calls for a certain kind of hyperactivity. When it's 65F and sunny, you--quick before it changes--get out on a run in shorts. You pull out the mountain bike but agree to meet the snowbanks with a smile, or at least stamina or the reasoning to turn around. You multi-sport it. …


Overworked, lacking sleep (blame it all on the flu putting me way behind), I pushed on, turned in my projects at 3, grabbed the guest dog and hit some thawed-out, muddy running trails. Thirty-minute fix to everything. Followed it up with a bouldering session and I am a restored woman.    

The Tribe of SLU Runners

I owe many things to the women of the St. Lawrence cross country and track and field teams, among them, 18 years of some of the best people I’ve ever known (and sweated, run, danced, cried, travelled, and giggled with). This week I had a very special, joyful run with two of them.