Finding Winter

Winter here in the West has not been, by a skier's standards, the finest. But nonetheless, we've foundĀ  cold and snow, sporadically, with effort, and with great bouts of spring-time warmth in between. In a forest service cabin, on the mountainside, in the depths of Cooke City. It's been a winter of mourning for a …


Storm Survival

Snow raging in the high country today, with high avalanche danger. Down in the valley, rain prevails. But dog sitting for a border collie is a good motivator for a walk, hood cinched tight.

I Threw a Party for My Dog

I wasn't sure we'd see this one, so we celebrated a sweet, long life with a 14th birthday party for the old lion hound. This was the scene at the end of the night after elk steak, treats, bones, howling, and friends. Party hound. (He was veritably hung over the following morning.)