September has been full of exploration. Always one of my favorite times of year, this time I'm actually getting outside more than usual. A quick tour: 1. The daily wanderings, around Bozeman. Getting out despite waning daylight, weather, and such. 2. Working on some stories about Yellowstone National Park. A week on horseback in the …


New Chapter

Trying on a new town: Bozeman. Learning new trails with old friends. Trying out being 100% freelance. This morning, spontaneous bike ride with my friend Heidi. Which meant early dinner and time to work on the novel with a glass of Malbec this evening. I could get used to this schedule.  

A Writer’s Commute

A good feeling when you make yourself late to the day job because you had to stop mid pedal, on a frosty morning, to write the last line of a story—only having waited a year, or more, for the right words. #morning #bikecommute #writing