The Art of Sitting Still

It doesn't come easily. But when you let the space between your ribs settle, when you remember to be present, the world opens up.


Finding Winter

Winter here in the West has not been, by a skier's standards, the finest. But nonetheless, we've foundĀ  cold and snow, sporadically, with effort, and with great bouts of spring-time warmth in between. In a forest service cabin, on the mountainside, in the depths of Cooke City. It's been a winter of mourning for a …


Further reading for fall. Two recent projects that I just wrapped up: Over at Conde Nast Traveler: 12 Reasons to Visit National Parks in the Off-Season And at Montana Backcountry, a sneak peek at Elk Camp, in Photos.


September has been full of exploration. Always one of my favorite times of year, this time I'm actually getting outside more than usual. A quick tour: 1. The daily wanderings, around Bozeman. Getting out despite waning daylight, weather, and such. 2. Working on some stories about Yellowstone National Park. A week on horseback in the …

Trail Running Visions

It's been a good trail running summer so far. After nine months of plantar fasciitis and a glute-busting physical therapy program, I've been pain free for two weeks. Finally. Because I want to spend all the time I can, right here, on these trails:

New Chapter

Trying on a new town: Bozeman. Learning new trails with old friends. Trying out being 100% freelance. This morning, spontaneous bike ride with my friend Heidi. Which meant early dinner and time to work on the novel with a glass of Malbec this evening. I could get used to this schedule.